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We are the pioneers of enabling small and medium scale organisations to adopt QA standardisation in their core. With over 23 years of experience in providing leading Standardization solutions, we have integrated practices that are agile and flexible to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and their businesses.
Our expertise in analyzing the purpose and scope of Audits enable us to define the audit parameters including periodicity of Audits, Criteria to audit against, roles and responsibilities of auditors, and action items after analyzing the results of the audit.
We understand that every customer of ours is unique. Hence, to cater to their varied needs, we enable them to leverage our ‘On-demand Audit’ functionality. With this, they are not burdened with maintaining a team of Quality Auditors all year long.


We are a licensed HIPAA compliance certification provider and our recognition with BSI is under works. We leverage our experience and expertise in cutting edge technologies to conduct comprehensive tests on your applications and models to ensure its compliance with HIPAA regulations.
Our service helps prioritize, rationalize and simplify application lifecycle management through expert systems validation procedures. This enables software implementation projects with robustness of quality systems and aligning it with contemporary expectations which is in line with HIPAA requirements.


The VLSI industry is now leveraging modern, leading-edge techniques, thereby making it accessible for small and medium scale organisations to implement designs. However, testing these designs remains complex and is not commercially viable for all.
Our expertise in automation clubbed with partnerships with architectural teams, and manufacturing foundries helps us automate the test preparation process. With our proprietary solutions and customizable tools, we maintain the highest quality while ensuring a quick turn around time while making it commercially viable to all.

Quality for Everyone

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