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IOT Security

The adoption of IoT is rapidly progressing and the lack of an industry-accepted standard for ensuring security is the cause for breaches across industries/networks. Identifying the weakest link in the network is tedious and time-consuming.
Our expertise in IoT Security QA enables us to check for potential security risks in the early stages by focusing on Secure Software Development and Secure Integration. Our proprietary methods and solutions test hardware security before deploying IoT systems.
Our custom bootlegger is designed to run the IoT network on mockups with varied protocols to ensure maximum security in the device and network.

Blockchain QA Frameworks

Organisations are shifting to a blockchain-based infrastructure to ensure transparency and efficiency. There is a need for reliable and efficient QA audit frameworks in every blockchain application to increase data visibility, audit trail, and adherence to compliance, in this shift from legacy systems to blockchain-based environments.
By leveraging our experience, technological advancements, advisory boards, and technology partners, we have developed proprietary frameworks that are customizable to cater to the needs of business across domains and functionalities.

AI-based QA

IoT & AI-based connected cars, smart cities, and smart homes are growing and it is difficult to run test scenarios and efficiently collect information through conventional Quality Analysis modules. Our advanced AI-based QA methods use proprietary algorithms designed to run schemas on all scenarios and create QA automation modules effectively.
Our solutions are designed to identify failed-scenarios and come up with alternative working solutions after validating real-time execution scenarios.

Quality for Everyone

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